Looking UnTo Our Role Model

A Man of Word, Prayer and Action…#JesusChrist

Beside the talk of Words and thoughts, the spirit filled prayers with action by the Kingdom child plays huge role to bring the will of God on Earth. Prayers of His Holy people can intoxcate the atomospher with the sweetness and good aroma of Heaven. Prayers of True repentance and sinners change of heart can bring change.

Our role model is JESUS. The Bible tells us that He was a man of Word and Prayer! One time I saw myself in a dream sitting in the room and then I saw Jesus coming down through my house roof. While I was wondering how shining and graceful His face was, He never sit down with me. He come and kneel on the ground and start praying. I found myself kneeling with Him. Then I looked up the sky over us start gathering clouds and it grew up until the whole atomospher covered. The next was thunders and rain all over. Then I saw Jesus taking me to the public and market places in the city where every type of people were gathered for their own different purposes. They all are bussy and no one think about God; while other groups engaged in money making businesses through witchcrafts and dimonic worships. Then He started going around and doing His Miracle works: Healing and deliverances turning them back to God. What amazes me was “all” who come to Him get their miracle and deliverances. He never straggled but the same like He did in the New Testament.

Looking UnTo Our Role Model | A Man of Word, Prayer and Action… #JesusChrist

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