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I will put My Spirit within you and ’cause’ you to walk in My status – /Ezk.36:27

“Have you received the ‘Holy Ghost’ since you believed – in JESUS?”-/Acts 19:2/ We need God’s presence in our lives as He is an omnipotent God to completely change our old way of thinking and life to be like Christ.


How can we receive the Holy Ghost? How believers continually able to remain in God’s Presence? The first step is to come to Jesus our savior and repent of our sins in his name. Jesus Christ is the only Way to God. He is the only Truth and source of Life. The word of God says: “The second Adam: Jesus become a life giving Spirit!” He is the saviour of the world. We must first allow him in to our life house; and must born again to become a child of God. Jesus Christ, then will Baptize us in Holy Spirit and Fire so that we can now have a true fellowship with our Spiritual Father: the Almighty God and join our true spiritual families who are worshiping the true God in Truth and Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the Promise of our God who been spoken long ago through His holy prophets for all flesh under heaven; especially for the end time Generations. The Spirit of God will give us the ability to grow in experiencing new ways of life that never ever happened to us before. The Holy Spirit create deep desires in our heart for more of His Word, like a child is desiring milk. We develop a continual dependence and the ability to grow in to the depth of God’s knowledge.

As children of God, we develop the character of Christ and we also continue to grow in His kingdom to become servants and ambassadors of His love and mercy. It’s the character of the children of God to be light and salt for the hopeless world and society around us in serving in His Kingdom.

The Joy and the unlimited peace God grants us can’t be compared with what we used to think in this world system. As our old and sinful natures are replaced with the new life of Jesus and the presence of the Holy God; we now have the ability to experience that same holiness, hope and His greatness in our lives. We now grow to be thankful in the LORD always for everything God grants us in life. We also observe that God Himself is helping us to break free from our past wrong habits and instead, the character of our Lord Jesus grows in us to be our new life style.

Child: We don’t have to struggle with our old life style any more. The way is simple to be set free and walk in freedom. In the Bible, we find out that our Lord Jesus has offered a noble request for all people living with all kinds of burdens to come to Him; and then he is willing to give them His special rest for their soul.

We need God in our lives for complete freedom; and to walk above any operessing giants in our lives. The key is, we need to first come to Jesus: who is the way, the truth and the life. Then, we need the Holy Spirit Baptisms, and a continual walk in His presence to bear much and good fruits.  It is the will of God to live a meaningful, purposeful, joyful and an abundant life. Glory to God!

“I will put My Spirit within you and ’cause’ you to walk in My status and you’ll keep My judgment!” – (Ezk.36:27)



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