God's Ablity Over Human Limitation

I will go before you and make the Rough Places Smooth..Apart from Me you can do Nothing. – (Is.45 ; Jn.15)

๐Ÿ”ท๏ธAs humans, there are things that we can do and there are higher situations that God has reserved only to Himself to act on so that we can pursue him, love Him, worship Him and have continual fellowship with Him.

Isaiah 45

In most cases God gives us health and ability to accomplish to the things that we can do in life. On the other hand He Himself interven and surprises us to the tough situations higher than our capacity like parents do for their little children. It mean we are limited and created to be dependent on our God so that we can have continual fellowshop with Him.

The partation of Red sea and Jordan River; Godโ€™s providence and protection over His People in the desert: The provion of Water from Rock, Manna from sky and the protection of Cloud by day and fire by night; All miracles God did in the old testament and the recorded miracles of Jesus and His deciples in the New Testaments were all beyond human capacity. They are amazing, always fresh and touches our heart whenever we read all stories in the Bible as they are totally different from human drama shows. Rather this great events were revealed to save multitudes during their worest life frets when they were in between two choices: life and death.

The same God who steped in and did his amazing miracles in past generation is the same today and forever. There are things we can do as human and there are situations God has reserved only to Himself to show His Glory so that we can stick to Him, love Him and worship Him. Glory To God!

โ€œI am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; a part from me you can do nothing.โ€ โ€“ JESUS (John 15:5)

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