Hello, world! Welcome to CR Blog page. The word of God tells us that, the God of Universe created us fearfully and wonderfully for His pleasure and for His Glory. We are unique and special to our creator – the maker of Heaven and Earth. We are also raised with care in our own families and hence,  we are so special for them, for our community and to the people around us. We are here on Earth for pleasure and for the glory of God with pre planed purposes; to be salt and light in this imperfect world by becoming positive influencers.

To be salt and light, the first step is to have complete fellowship with true God and with His people. God is the the source to everything we need in life on earth and after; and He also works through His people. Thus we must allow ourselves to learn from those above us who went far ahead of us in life; especially from those faith giants who are good examples and well equipped to influence us for the Kingdom of God. We have also the responsibility to teach and equip each other for our good and for the glory of God; especially those people who need our help so that we grow together in God’s Kingdom.

Most of us have someone or some people in our lives who been role models and influential in many areas shaping our life to have its best meaning. Though God brings different people into our lives for positive influence and for lifetime fellowship, His final ultimate goal is for all of His children to grow imitating His Only unique son: JESUS.  Jesus Christ is incomparable and he is our great great role model who is able to change our life a new from inside out to live Godly life in Baptizing us in Holy Spirit and Fire. God works through Jesus and Jesus works through Holy Spirit and His chosen servants.  JESUS is a great savior, teacher, shepherd and through him we can grow in to the fullness of God.

Every time we read and hear the story about JESUS in the word of God or through spirit filled Gospel teachings; we get inspired, encouraged and enlightened with deep desire to become like Him. We want to walk with an overcomer Spirit and heal the broken people like Him. We want to feed the needy and bring life to the desperate people like Him. When we follow Jesus, our desire increases to teach with grace, love and authority like Him to bring a turning point hope, change in life and meaning to the many hopeless people in the world. God has also given us a commandment to go and make a difference in the world through the teachings and proclamation of the goodnews of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Almighty God; who is the creator of Heavens and Earth, is so rich in His love, mercy and wisdom to supply and protect His creation. He is the only source and provider for all lives He created; and we only get the access to His abundance through our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. God has appointed JESUS in His Eternal Plan to redeemed all people (children of Adam) from bondages of sin and satan; and from the fear of death and hell. He desires people from everywhere to repent and become His Children of one Family in His Eternal Kingdom and live in freedom for all eternity.

Therefore, as part of one Family in the world and in Kingdom of God we have many opportunities, platforms and Resources to share and educate each other. We have so much in life to find out and use every helpful resources appropriately so that we can be well equipped for greater purpose he planned for us before creation. 

The goal of this site is to contribute valuable Christian resources, helpful information and life changing inspirational insights to the world through available platforms.


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