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Repentance And Escaping The Dead End Practises Of Sin – Join The March For The Day Of The LORD

Beloved: Listen what the spirit of God is saying. God is not only begging sinners and the unsaved world through his messengers; but He also  warns them to turn from their dead end way of sin and get saved before it is too late.

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Without God in our life, the desires of this world is unending and so decieving. Temptations from the god of this world ‘satan’ and the wrong desires in our flesh keep growing everyday and can blind us to remain in the the valleys of pain and darkness until we finally miss the wonderful eternil life God has prepared for our lives unless we repent a head.

The Home and parential cares are best options for all children in every family for love, safty, success and healthy growths. God is our best Father, our shelter, our eternal refuge and He know each of us even before He brought us to this planet. That means He knows what is best for our lives on this Earth and after.

But we were born in to a sinful world and that was not our fault. It is the curse we inherited through bloodlines from our original father and mother, Adam and eve. We found ourselves in this sinful world and are paying the hard prices in a way. As a result all humanity have been suffering everywhere.

The Good News is the God of universe never left us alone in that way. We must thank Him always that He has been preparing the best option for us to come out of this generetional sin and curse. The loving God has placed all the sins of this world-the sins of the children of Adam on Christ: the second Adam, and He has gaven us the opportunity to get our salivation for free.

We were sold for free, became slaves of sin for nothing; now we can be set free and saved for free! But it still requres our free will to make that decision for the best way God has prepared for us.

Today He is calling every people under heaven to repent from their wrong way of life(sin) and make peace with Him through the only one way for salivation – Jesus Christ our Savior. Jesus has shaded His blood on the cross for our sins forgivness and that is the only option (way) God can forgive and save the fallen mankind.e2b475e690648c29bb4dde93f7e8d6e3

Today we have an opportunity to say yes to the great salivation plan of God. We must answer to His voice and His call while it is still day. We must not continue playing in habitual sins. It is wise to choose right freinds, right places to spend and  keep ourselves from things that defiles our whole being by coming boldly to the cross of Christ. The blood of Jesus has power to cleanse us from all sins and through the Holy Spirit indwelling in us we can lead a holy life with God.

Jesus has conquered sin, death, satan and all powers of hell.  We have no reason to remain in sin and cooperate with the works of devil and his demons. We have no reason to ignore this great plan of Salivation and suffer in the darkness. We have an opprtunity today to say yes to Jesus, yes to the presence of God, yes to enjoy Eternal Life in God’s kingdom.

The Bible advises us that Today is the day for salivation; the day we can make the right decision, the day we can make rourselves to right stand with the Holy God as we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

The Word of God also tells us that the world is under the control of the evil one (satan); that is we have no gaurantee to live a better life tomorrow without God.

Only with Christ in our life and with faith in Him, we can overcome this world and become more than conqurers to enjoy freedom and life eternally in God’s Kingdom. Plus the day of our Lord is at hand as promised in the word of God. If we continue sinning in the world with out getting saved and Christ in our life, we will spend eternity away from God in Eternal hell prepared for satan and his demons. There is no way out from hell judgment once we left our earthly body if we ignore this great chance of salivation while we are on earth.

However God wants us to say yes voluntarly and waiting for us so long ; He also warns us today to say no and back from our dangerious sinful directions. He wants us today to say yes to His call to Eternal salivation plan as we don’t know what tomorrow brings.

As human, the gospel messangers might only beg people for God; but it’s high time for the Spirit of God to also rise in us and break our fears to warn people who are far away from God.

There are people who are marching for the day of the LORD, and on the other hand there are also many others marching in the opposite direction for sin pleasures this world offers.

This I heard at the cross road strongly spoken to this people: The time is short that they don’t have no other days to repent. Today is their only day for Salivation. The message was so strong that it has power to convict and deflect them from their wrong and dead end direction.

God is begging and also warning all humanity in the world to come out of the dangerious sin camp, repent and come to His Wonderful Eternal kingdom through Christ our LORD and Savior before itvis too late.

Beloved፡ listen what the Spirit of God is saying today for those who hear. Repent and Turn back to God and His Christ. Join God’s Holy people who are redeemed and sealed with the promised Holy Spirit and are Marching in One Spirit for the great day of the LORD.

“God was in Christ, offering Peace and Forgiveness to the People of this World. And He has given us the work of sharing His message about Peace. We were sent to ‘speak for Christ’, and God is ‘begging you’ to listen to our message. We speak for ‘Christ’ and sincerely ask you to ‘make Peace with God’. Christ never sinned! But God treated Him as a sinner, so Christ could make us: Acceptable To God.”

       ♦ 2Cor.5:19-21(CEV)

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